Carpool Safety & Education

Please be aware that our bus riders will be dismissed first this year. Starting with our oldest students and moving down, our bus riders will begin exiting the building at 2:20. When all bus students are loaded, they will roll out of the bus parking lot, at which time our After-School Program (ASP), car riders, and walkers will be dismissed. All students should be dismissed by 2:30. To ensure safety during dismissal time, no changes will be accepted after 1:50, except in the case of an emergency, at the administration's direction.
Car Riders:
Rules for drop off 
When you pull into the car rider lot in the morning the far left lane will become a split lane. The left side will allow cars to pull through to the middle lane, park and walk their child(ren) all the way to the front walkway or into the building. The right side is a "kiss and go" where your children will be ready to hop out at the indicated area to walk along the sidewalk and into the building. Please pull all the way forward in this lane to help us move traffic off the street prior to letting your child(ren) out. Staff will be present to monitor and escort as needed.

Rules for dismissal
Car riders will be issued a color coded number. A card will be given to you for each child. When you pick up your child(ren), please have ALL car rider card(s) on your dashboard easily visible. The staff on car duty will have a master roster which will help us identify your car to safely and quickly load the students.