Room Representatives

Room Parent Volunteer Responsibilities

Thank you for volunteering to represent your class! Your help is greatly appreciated! I am looking forward to a great year here at Addison and hope you are too!! To start things off right, I wanted to tell you what this year will entail.

As a room parent, your responsibilities include (see files below for full description/details):

* Upkeep of the class directory

* Recruiting volunteers for your class projects (holiday party, teacher luncheon, etc)

* Coordinate your class holiday party

* Assist your teacher

* Recognize your teacher and adopted staff on their birthdays

We understand that everyone has very busy schedules, so on behalf of the children, teachers, and staff; thank you very much for committing your time and effort to being room parent. Please remember to not do it all yourself! Try and recruit volunteers to help you. The more people we have volunteering, the less time each person has to volunteer to make this school year a great success!!

Thanks again! And, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

Elise Antrobus- Room Parent Coordinator – 2013-2014
Notes about files: Below is a list of files to be used by the Room Reps.
If you change any of these documents other than filling in the blanks/changing names, dates, etc.,
please ask the administration for approval.

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