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A few reminders about this GREAT product!
  • This product has many advantages over hand sanitizers currently on the market in that it is:  
  1. non-toxic
  2. all natural
  3. alcohol-free
  4. contains skin conditioners
  5. foam-based, so less messy than gels
  6. well-tested in the medical field
  7. doesn't leave skin feeling sticky or with a "residue"
  8. effective against flu and other viruses; bacteria, including MRSA (methacillin resistant staph); and even H1N1
  9. small size container but a full 170 applications in each bottle ( 1 squirt is sufficient to cover even adult size hands)
  10. and BEST of all, actually protects the user for up to THREE HOURS from recontamination  (There are no products currently available to the public that claim this).
  • This product is NOT available to the general public and we are the ONLY school in our area that is selling this product!!!   
  • Use these articles to help you back up this product's effectiveness. 
Help not only our school community, but also our community at large, stay healthy by letting them know about this product!
If you have any further questions, please contact our Fundraising Co-Chairs:  Laura Kellar (laura.kellar@cobbk12.org) or Bill White (bill.white@turner.com).
Thank you so much for all of your support!!
Addison PTA and Addison Foundation
Additional Resources for Your Use:
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Sample Email - An email you can copy and paste to send to your contacts.
Theraworx Forms - Microsoft Word and PDF versions of the order forms, letters, product flyer, etc, that were sent home with the children.
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