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Theraworx FAQs & Sale Details

Frequently Asked Questions (from St. John’s/ Theraworx)

How is Theraworx different from alcohol-based products?

The concept of Theraworx was identified from the shortfalls of alcohol-based products. Alcohol is a very effective ingredient, but as it evaporates, it leaves the skin dry, cracked and painful. This evaporation, which typically happens in a matter of minutes, also reduces the length of time the product is able to protect the skin. Safety is also an issue with alcohol-based products as they are highly flammable and toxic, especially when ingested by children. Theraworx is an alcohol-free,foaming cleanser, designed to eliminate the worries of alcohol. The skin healthy formula cleans, hydrates, and protects in one simple step, without painful drying and irritation. The natural ingredients are non-toxic and non-flammable, making Theraworx the perfect solution for the entire family. And since Theraworx is not alcohol based, it will not evaporate like alcohol, providing lasting protection.

When should I use Theraworx?

Theraworx can be used anytime, anywhere! Since Theraworx cleans and restores moisture to the skin, it can be used not only on the hands, but also on other dry skin areas like knees, elbows, feet, and around sensitive areas like the face, neck, and groin. The 1.7 oz travel size is great to put in a purse, backpack, or gym bag. And since it’s not flammable, it can even be carried onto airlines, buses, and trains. The 7oz size is great for offices, kitchens, and camping trips for a quick, clean feeling.

How does Theraworx help my skin?

Theraworx contains many ingredients that are known to be skin-healthy. The two most well-known ingredients, Vitamin E and Aloe, work to add moisture to the skin while reducing inflammation, pain, and damage from UV light and pollution. Vitamin E also assists in anti-aging, treatment of scars and other skin diseases. Beta Glucan helps build the skin’s immune system, which helps tissue strengthen and develop fewer infections. Surfactants create foaming properties that allow dirt and grime to separate from the skin’s natural oils.

Is Theraworx safe to use on children? What about the elderly?

With the alcohol removed from the formulation, Theraworx is gentle enough to use for any skin type and body part. Theraworx is non-toxic, eliminating the worry of accidental poisoning. The foam and cloth wipes are great alternatives for individuals with limited mobility to clean sensitive areas and provide a refreshing, waterless bath in situations where water is limited.

Is Theraworx safe to use on minor wounds and skin abrasions?

Unlike alcohol-based products which can be extremely painful if cuts or wounds exist on the skin, Theraworx is designed to be “wound safe,” helping to clean the skin of dirt and grime, and reduce the risk for further wound infection. The alcohol-free formula does not burn or sting in wounds, providing a safe alternative to typical products.

I’ve heard alcohol-based sanitizers are flammable. What about Theraworx?

Although the internet videos are humorous, Theraworx is non-flammable. But don’t think we didn’t try!

What is the difference between a skin cleanser and a hand sanitizer?

This is a great question, and addresses the difference between our Theraworx and Theraworx EXP products. Skin cleansers are designed to be used on the entire body, eliminating dirt and grime, leaving the skin feeling clean and protected. The formula is specifically designed for any skin type, including sensitive areas around the face, neck and groin. Hand sanitizers are specifically designed for use on the hands, and to provide effective protection against harmful bacteria and viruses. While there are many similarities between the two, each is specially designed for its particular application.



Sales Dates:                  Sale runs from 11/11/10 until 12/3/10.

·        Please turn your order forms and payments in to your teacher by 12/3/10. 

·        All orders must be accompanied by payment in full.  Please ask that customers make their checks out to “Addison Elementary PTA”.    

** Teachers, please put all order forms in the Addison PTA locked mailbox in front of the Media Center.

Order pick up: will be on the following dates in the school lobby:

Monday, 12/13:   7:15 - 8:00 am and 2:00 - 6:00 pm

Tuesday, 12/14:   7:15 - 8:00 am and 2:00 - 6:00 pm
Wednesday, 12/15:  7:15 - 8:00 am and 2:00 - 6:00 pm

*** alternative pick up times/dates can be arranged by contacting Laura Kellar  (laura.kellar@cobbk12.org ) or Bill White (bill.white@turner.com)

Forms/ Articles/ Information:  There is a sample promotional email , as well as, all forms and information sheets posted on the PTA websiteWe have also posted links to additional articles on the product too.  Please feel free to share our website address or to download any of this information you need.

Two additional questions have been answered by Jack Williams at Theraworx regarding the product:

Q:  Is it okay to keep in the car (heat/cold)?

A:  Yes, although it is preferable not to store the product in extreme heat or cold as the product contains a large amount of water, it will not affect it’s cleansing ability.  Just ensure that you shake up the product prior to use. 

Q:   What is the shelf life of the product?

  A:  The product has been tested and found to be stable for two years.   It may be longer but the
  testing was only done through two years.