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Sample Email

Below is an example of an email you could send to people that might be interested in ordering Theraworx.  Feel free to copy and paste the content to use.
I would not normally send something like this out, but I really like this product that my child's school is promoting for fundraising this season.  Instead of selling the normal wrapping paper/pizza products, they are working with a company called Theraworx that has developed a foaming hand cleanser/sanitizer to use on the go.  I envision using this on the kids after they play on a public playground or after leaving the pediatrician’s office (even safe to use on babies), after pumping gas, after using the credit card terminal pen or just whenever you feel like cleaning your hands and there is no easily accessible bathroom around. 
The product goes on like a foam and you rub it into your hands, leaving them clean, soft and fragrant.  According to the handout information, the cleanser will continue to fight off bacteria for up to 3hrs; whereas typical alcohol-based sanitizer kills only on contact and can leave your hands dry and cracked. 
See additional information below.  I am taking orders for 1.7oz bottles (up to 170 applications) at $5 each.  Buy one to keep at your desk, in your purse, or your kid’s backpack, etc.  You ARE able to buy this online, but you often must buy in bulk and there is no additional savings by purchasing elsewhere (in other words, this is not marked up for the fundraising).  Proceeds from this sale will go to Addison Elementary PTA and Foundation. 
I’m sure you will love it - BUT there is absolutely no pressure buy!!  Bottles will be delivered by the middle of December.  Pay with cash/check (made out to Addison Elementary PTA) to place your order. 


Fundraising Fun Facts

  •  This product has been used in our school clinic for the past six months and our clinic nurse (Laura Kellar) really endorses it.  We have had no problems with any skin sensitivity or other issues. This product is currently used in many of the major hospitals in Atlanta.   Several PTA and Foundation board members have now been piloting its use with our children for the last several months and we LOVE it!!
  • This product has many advantages over hand sanitizers currently on the market in that it is:  


 all natural

 alcohol-free (will not burn or sting open wounds)

 contains skin conditioners

 foam-based, so less messy than gels

 well-tested in the medical field

doesn't leave skin feeling sticky or with a "residue"

effective against flu and other viruses; bacteria, including MRSA (methacillin resistant staph); and even H1N1

small size container but a full 170 applications in each bottle ( 1 squirt is sufficient to cover even adult size hands)

and BEST of all, actually protects the user for up to THREE HOURS from recontamination  (There are no products currently available to the public that claim this).


http://naturesconceptscentral.com/main/mrsa_prevention_info.shtml - has information promoting Theraworx as a ‘natural’ germ fighting product.  They did a good job of summarizing the most important benefits.