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Wish Lists

Please help out the following departments by sending in items from the lists below.  All donations are greatly appreciated!
School Clinic   ASP
Large Bandaids (latex-free)   Bandaids (latex-free)
Gauze pads   Ziploc bags (snack and sandwich)
Wet wipes   Hand sanitizer
Peanut-free snacks   Old/new pencils
Underwear (boys or girls all sizes)   Paper for homework
Pants (boys size 8&10 and girls size 7,8,&10)   Pink pearl erasers
  Old/new pens
  Red pens
  Yellow highlighters
  Old/new G-rated Disney movies
    Stuffed animals
    Playground balls
    Craft sticks
Science Lab
Microscopes   Paint brushes
Microscope slides   Yarn, especially yellow
Brock Microscopes   Hole punches
Beakers   Muffin tins
Graduated cylinders   Foil baking cups
Test tubes   5 oz. paper cups
Test tube holders   Quart and snack-sized Ziploc bags
Test tube brushes   Glue sticks
New batteries of varying voltages   White glue
Small Scales   Plastic spoons
Tuning forks   Sticky colored dots
Radiometers   Chart paper
Life-sized model of human body   Paper plates
Weather instruments   Crayons
Inflatable solar system   Markers
6 inch prisms   Toothpicks
Size C batteries   Clear plastic wrap
Plastic paint trays   Index cards
Small plastic pots   Construction paper of all colors
5 tray worm bin composter   Birthday candles
Storage bins   Potting soil
Aquarium (that will hold water)   9 inch balloons
Aquarium gravel   Borax
Aquarium plants   Food coloring
Water conditioner   Baking soda
Fish food and nets   Vinegar
Transparency film   Sidewalk chalk
Live Plants   Shampoo
Refrigerator   Honey
Sunglasses   Cooking oil
Binoculars   Modeling clay
Rock Collections   Play sand
Marbles   Seeds