Addison FAQs

Things to Know about Addison Elementary

Welcome to Addison Elementary School’s 2014-2015 school year! Here’s some information that may help you throughout the year.

Web sites to visit:

Addison Elementary’s site:

What’s on it?

  • Principal and vice principal’s biographies and links to blogs
  • Faculty and staff biographies and links to blogs
  • Calendar of events
  • Information about after school enrichment programs
  • Much more!

Addison Elementary School Foundation (AESF):

What’s on it?

  • Membership forms
  • Volunteer opportunities, Volunteer opportunities, from one hour a month to more involved projects to fundraisers
  • Information about the science lab
  • The latest on all fundraisers and Foundation happenings
  • Much more!

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between the PTA and the AESF?

The PTA and the AESF work together to provide a variety of enrichment opportunities for Addison students. The PTA focuses on people and programs designed to build a sense of community at Addison, like improvements to the school grounds and campus. The AESF is focused on providing funding that help strengthen academics, like science lab.

Both the PTA and the AESF need your volunteer and financial support to provide the best possible school environment for our students.

2. How do I sign up for Addison Antics, the free weekly newsletter?

Go to the PTA website (, and click on the prominent Addison Antics list. You’ll be automatically added and should look to receive Antics the next Thursday.


3. What are the rules for transportation to and from school?

All transportation changes must be submitted IN WRITING to the office by 1:50 p.m.

Dismissal: Bus riders are dismissed first. Starting with our oldest students and moving down, our bus riders will begin exiting the building at 2:20. When all bus students are loaded, they will roll out of the bus parking lot, at which time our After-School Program (ASP), car riders, and walkers will be dismissed. All students should be dismissed by 2:30. To ensure safety during dismissal time, no transportation changes will be accepted after 1:50, except in the case of an emergency, at the administration's direction.

Car riders, drop off:  When you pull into the car rider lot in the morning the far left lane will become a split lane. The left side will allow cars to pull through to the middle lane, park and walk their child(ren) all the way to the front walkway or into the building. The right side is a "kiss and go" where your children will be ready to hop out at the indicated area to walk along the sidewalk and into the building. Please pull all the way forward in this lane to help us move traffic off the street prior to letting your child(ren) out. Staff will be present to monitor and escort as needed.

Car riders, dismissal: Each student is issued a colored card with his or her name on it. When you pick up your child(ren), please have ALL car rider card(s) easily visible on your dashboard . The staff on car duty will have a master roster which will help us identify your car to safely and quickly load the students.

4. What if I have to check in my child to school late, or check out my child early?

Go to the office and go to the computer. Select “check in” or “check out” for your child(ren). Follow the prompts on screen, then put the ticket into the correct basket on the counter, if checking out, or have your student bring it to the teacher, if checking in. Please note that your children are considered present for the day if they’re there until 11:15 a.m.

5. Can I join my child for lunch?

Most teachers have no problems with you joining your child for lunch. Always a good practice to check with the teacher first, though, in case they have special plans like eating in our beautiful gardens. After checking in as a visitor in the office, meet your student in the hall at the assigned lunch time.

6. How do I put money on my child’s lunch account?

Go to and create an account or sign in. Or you can send cash or check in a special monies envelope in with your student to give to the cashier in lunch line.

7, What is the After School Program (ASP)?

ASP students go the cafeteria after school dismisses. They have a snack, do homework, and eventually are able to do activities around the Addison campus. Cost is $7/day after a $10 initiation fee.  ASP students must be picked up by 6 p.m.

8. How can I find out which after school enrichment activities are offered at Addison?

Addison offers after-school programs including art, chess, sports, music, fitness, Spanish, and much more. View a schedule and locations here:

9. Where can I find a calendar of important school-related dates, including holidays and fundraisers?

Visit the Addison Elementary School main site.  Principal Hallmark also sends home a paper monthly calendar with your student the beginning of each month.

10. What’s with all the acronyms?
ASP: After School Program
PTA: Parent-Teacher Association (
AESF: Addison Elementary School Foundation (
CRCT: Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (no longer offered in Georgia; has been replaced by the Milestones End Of Grade tests starting in third grade)
ITBS: Iowa Test of Basic Skills, a nationally normed test offered in third and fifth grades
GNN: Gator News Network
PIE: Partners in Education, businesses around town that support Addison Elementary
FBI: Fathers Being Involved, a way for dads to get more involved with the school
CCSD: Cobb County School District
IEP: Individualized Education Plan
EIP: Early Intervention Plan

11. How can I get a yearbook?

Visit the yearbook page (COMING SOON) to download a flyer. Send it into school with your child, or place it in the PTA mailbox by the media center with your check. The yearbook is $25 until October 31, then it jumps up to $35 until the final deadline in February.

12. Can I help maintain the gardens?

Absolutely! We’d welcome your help. Visit the Garden Friends page to learn more.

13. What’s the school store?
The School Store is located on the stage in the cafeteria Fridays from 7:15-7:45, beginning  September 5. All items are $1 or less and include pencils, pens, fun erasers, grippies, pencil sharpeners, highlighters, note pads, and more. (If your child turns in a full sheet of Box Tops (see below), he or she can “shop” in the treasure chest for free.)

14. What is the gifted program?

Beginning in first grade with the results from the Cognitive Abilities Test (COGAT), your child may be targeted for additional gifted testing. Testing only takes place every two years. The gifted program in Cobb County is called TARGET. At Addison, TARGET students are pulled out of their classes once a week for special academic and enrichment opportunities.

15.  What’s Gator News Network?

Gator News Network is the school’s closed-circuit morning news program. It can be viewed on TVs around the school only. Each fifth grade student has a chance to anchor the broadcast.

16. What are some easy fundraisers for the school?

    Box Tops: This is an easy way to earn money for Addison using the products you might already have at home! For each box top turned in, the school earns 10 cents. If each child turns in two or more completed forms           (10- 20 box tops per sheet) our school will reach its goal of $2,000. Visit the PTA site ( and go to the Box Tops page for more information.

    My Coke Rewards: Enter codes from Coca-Cola products onto the My Coke Rewards website and donate your points to Addison. Addison can convert those points to things like athletic equipment, classroom supplies,        and learning aids for the school - and at no cost to you! Visit the PTA site ( and go to the My Coke Rewards page for a direct link to the Addison page.

    Publix Partner Cards: Stop by the front office at Addison to pick up your Publix Partner Card. Complete your normal Publix shopping, and at checkout, present the cashier with your Publix Partner Addison card (key chain     card). The cashier will scan it, and Addison will get a donation.