Synergy Teams

Addison Elementary Synergy Teams  - These are made up of a grade level representative on each committee. There will be one facilitator for each committee and a member of the building leadership team will also be on each committee.
They make up six teams responsible for addressing concerns, generating ideas and proposals for school wide improvement, and studying the work of the school.
The teams are as follows:
Family and Community
School Culture
Curriculum and Instruction
Lighthouse, Leadership, Planning, and Organization
The Planning Design Team member

·         Promotes harmony and communication among team members

·         Represents his/her team in matters concerning school policy and procedure

·         Keeps administration informed

·         Makes recommendations to the faculty for the expenditure of county and local funds

·         Presents recommendations of proposed spending of PTA funds to its organization for approval

·         Develops immediate and long-range plans for media programs

·         Recommends priorities for media funds

·         Establishs procedures that insure accessibility to media services for all

·         Assists in identifying and planning media/technology-related staff development

·         Responds to formal challenges regarding materials through an established procedure


Curriculum and Instruction

The Curriculum and Instruction Design Team evaluates and makes recommendations

concerning classroom instructional practices and strategies to improve student

achievement.  Responsibilities of Curriculum and Instruction include:

·         All areas of the curriculum identified and examined for the purpose of student improvement

·         New textbook adoption utilization

·         Research, discuss, and pilot new strategies for school wide student achievement


Frequent Assessment

Throughout Addison a variety of assessment procedures are used. The results of the

assessments are used to improve individual student performance, to improve the

instructional student performance, and to improve the instructional program.

Responsibilities of Frequent Assessment:

·         Gathering and reporting information from content assessment tests

·         Analyzing and reporting information from test results and surveys

·         Data Utilization

·         Collecting and evaluating evidence of school-wide improvements

·         Coordinating the critical studies process

·         Coordinating and evaluating surveys, demographics, etc.

·         Counting votes as needed and publishing the results



The Climate Design Team is responsible for promoting a safe and positive working

environment throughout the school.  Responsibilities of Climate:

·         Ensuring that students and staff have a safe and secure environment in which to learn and work

·         Recognizes faculty and staff occasions of marriage, birth, hospitalization, death, retirement, or relocation

·         Provides a holiday remembrance for administrators, office staff, custodians, and cafeteria staff

·         Coordinates staff functions

·         Recognizes community volunteer involvement Addison Elementary Georgia‘s First Charter School 87



The Involvement Design Team promotes effective citizenship through community

outreach programs.  Responsibilities of Involvement:

·         Promoting and coordinating activities involving the school and the community

·         Encouraging active participation of local businesses

·         Contributing to community programs

·         Promoting the welfare of children in education, community, and home providing a means of action and citizen support upon which education of pupils depends