Environmental Education

Environmental Education (EE) is 
an active process that increases knowledge, skills, abilities and awareness, resulting in understanding, commitment, informed decisions and constructive actions to ensure stewardship of the earth's environment.  
Hands-on experiences are the best ways for students to build understanding of the complex world around them.  These experiences can best be initiated through citizen science, service-learning and outdoor classroom projects.

Students, who experience learning in outdoor situations and connect with nature, reap benefits that can last a lifetime.  Today students spend a great deal of time inside of a building looking at a screen of some kind.  
They can see a tree but do not know its bark, its textures, etc.  
Many students today have no idea of the source of water in their community.  Their usual answer is the "faucet."  
They have lost their connection to the "river."  It is easier to pollute something with which we have no connection.
 Remember...  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Current Programs at Addison:
Garden Friends Program which assists teachers in the "GO Green Initiative"
Recyling; both school-wide and community-wide
efforts are made throughout the year
Garden School grounds clean-up days
Outdoor Classroom Projects
Schoolyard Habitats
Cafeteria Composting
Rain Barrel and Water Conservation Education
Walk to School