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Georgia PTA Legislative Priorities

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Support Education Quality and Accountability

    • Georgia PTA supports strong principal and teacher-quality requirements, as well as adequate technical and financial resources to address specific problems in testing and accountability systems that ensure schools can meet high standards, provide quality instruction, support common core, and improvements in student learning.
    • Georgia PTA supports constitutional authority of local boards of education to control or manage the schools in their systems and oppose any legislation that limits their authority or ability to raise revenue under state constitutional provisions.

Support Funding for Education and Other Child Related Programs

    • Georgia PTA supports efforts to increase state spending for education and to secure critical financial support for state, school districts, and local schools so schools and districts can provide a quality education to all children, meet the high accountability standards, and prepare students for employment; and supports passage of state appropriation bills providing adequate levels of funding for education and child-related programs and the use of public funds for public schools only; and opposes funding proposals and budget processes that cut or negatively affect the availability of such funding.
    • Georgia PTA supports efforts to strengthen and stabilize special education funding and other methods to invest in, and reform the special education funding system; and supports legislation which requires full funding for mandated programs and services to maximize assistance to children with special needs and disabilities.

Support Safe and Nurturing Environments

    • Georgia PTA supports state efforts to improve child nutrition and wellness including the support of school nurses, school meal programs, health regulations, nutritional awareness, and other related efforts that prepare children for learning and improvements in student attendance and behavior.
    • Georgia PTA supports strong state legislation and policies needed to ensure that child victims of sex and labor trafficking are identified by the appropriate state agencies and these agencies provide adequate support and services and encourage severe prosecution for perpetrators under the law; and supports multiple efforts to increase public awareness of human trafficking issues affecting children.
    • Georgia PTA supports efforts for a safe and supportive school environment that ensures all children are safe in their schools and on their buses; supports strong legislation and policies to establish and strengthen bullying prevention laws to include notification to parents, protection of target, and correction of bullying behavior; and promotes required training for students, parents, and all school personnel on bullying and the procedures for addressing and reporting cases of bullying behavior; and opposes any legislation and policies that permit guns on school premises except by use of an authorized school resource officer in every school.

Support Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

    • Georgia PTA supports revisions to the judicial system practice and policies relating to juvenile justice and delinquency prevention that treat youths in the justice system in age-appropriate manner and provide evidence-based services and support, promote efforts to remove children from adult jails and provide community-based or family alternative programs for non-criminal offenses; and ensure equity and competence with regard to race, ethnicity, culture, language, gender, and sexual orientation before courts.

Support Parent Involvement in Education

    • Georgia PTA supports strong parent involvement policies and requires policies in all appropriate measurable laws and programs; and encourages local and state government and schools to incorporate the participation of parents in every facet of education and development for their children.

Be an advocate for every child!

Approved: September 3, 2013

What does Georgia PTA do with the priorities?

Priorities form the basis of Georgia PTA’s efforts with the Georgia General Assembly and Congress. Georgia PTA monitors all legislation and policy issues affecting children and youth, including K-12 education, postsecondary education, Pre-K, child health and safety, gun safety, teen driving and underage drinking.  Our priorities receive most of our attention; however, Georgia PTA responds to any legislation covered by our position statements.