Who is your Hero?
...I am fortunate to have many heroes in my life! My mother is an incredible hero. She has dedicated her life as a caregiver to others. She always makes time to think of others needs and wishes. Even at 79 years young, she still does her gardening, mends fences and cooks for large gatherings!
...When I asked my son he shyly whispered, "Somebody."  Then I said, "Who is somebody?"  It is a proud day when your son looks into your eyes and shares, "You." (an exceptional thankful mother of an Addison 'gator)
For what are you thankful?
...Santa, thanks for the new Basketball goals at school! 
Create a sentence using the hidden word in the Antics?
My favorite CHARACTER in the movie Findig Nemo is Dory because she is funny. (Bethany, 2nd)
My favorite moment this summer was going to Rocklin, California and playing with ALL my relatives who are very funny "CHARACTERS!"  (Joshua, 5th grade)
The CHARACTER in a book is very important. (Ty, 1st)
The hidden letters in this antics newsletter spell out the word "CHARACTER" and my favorite character on TV is Hannah Montana.  My favorite moment this summer was when I went to see all of my family in Ireland.  We really have some characters over there. (Zoe, 1st)
I have great CHARACTER and I bet you do too. (Kyle, 5th)
I am practicing good CHARACTER in class. (Alexa, 2nd)
If you won $100 dollars, what would you do with the money?
...I would give it to the school for more field trips and to help the school and teachers. (Damian 4th)
...I would buy candy.
...save it!
...Save it to buy a mansion when I'm older! (Andrew 3rd)
What makes Addison Elementary so great?  What are your favorite things about our school?
...I really like Lunch and PE.
... the teachers are really nice and we do lots of fun stuff!
...The total committment from Addison students, staff, administration and parents. Remembering the Addison family energizes James and me daily. Go Gators! We miss you and believe in each of you.
This is a great addition to the webpage...thanks PTA!
(Genie Byrd, former Addison Principal)
My favorite moment this summer was...
 ...going to the Chattanooga Lookouts baseball game.  (Dylan 1st)
...hanging out with my grandparents in Chattanooga.  (Ryan 3rd)
...swimming at the pool. (annon. 2nd)
...playing the Wii whenever I want to (play!)  (annon. 5th)
...when I went on Dune Buggies in the sand. (Jacob 3rd)
...My summer was excellent!!!  We did a whole LOT of things too many to COUNT!(LOL)   #1 We went rock climbing... I climbed a 30 ft wall it was a blast it was so EPIC!!! (The wall of course!!) (Tara 3rd)

...was going to a huge pool with my cousins Noah & Jade & simulating landing a space shuttle rocket at NASA in WV. (SAVON 2nd)

...soaring through the sky on Goliath at Six Flags! (Mom of two gators)
...My new favorite summer memory happened today ... seeing all the Addison gators returning to school. Thanks for a great first day to write on my memory wall - Addison students and parents are terrific! (Mrs. Crowder)
...Was both times we went to Florida. We got to stand on the runway and watch the Blue Angels practice and go to the NAS museum!  (Landon 2nd)
...Going to Savannah and Tybee Island with my family and my Girl Scout troop. What an awesome time! (Jamie and Nicholas 3rd)
...Camping on the beach at Hunting Island South Carolina. (Patrick 5th)
...Going to the beach and watching the sea turtles trying to come to the beach to lay their eggs, and Harry Potter. (Hi Mrs. Reynolds, Ms. Gillenwater, Mrs. Roach!! My favorite Addison Teachers). (Catherine/ 7th)